An Acadian Artist | Une artiste acadienne

...from Baie Sainte-Marie in picturesque Clare, Nova Scotia. …de la pittoresque Baie Sainte-Marie (Clare) en Nouvelle-Écosse.

The artistry of Denise Comeau consists primarily of watercolors that reflect her life along the Acadian shores of Baie Sainte-Marie. Her work reflects traditional sentiment, and suggest a collective sense of environment, culture and community.

L’expression artistique de Denise est largement concentrée sur la technique de l’aquarelle. Ce médium lui permet de nous livrer ses réflexions sur sa vie bien ancrée sur les côtes de la Baie Sainte-Marie. Son œuvre reflète ses racines traditionnelles tout en exprimant un sentiment collectif respectueux de l’environnement, de la culture et de sa communauté acadienne.

In using mixed media, Denise explores the expressive qualities of non-representational / abstract painting and printmaking. This work allows her to examine other facets of her culture and reflect on them in a more personal approach.

L’utilisation de techniques mixtes permet à Denise d’explorer des formes abstraites et figuratives en alliant sa peinture à une combinaison d’autres techniques. Cette partie de son œuvre lui ouvre une fenêtre sur l’expression de différents aspects de sa culture.

Un jour à la fois

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This beautiful field of wildflowers is from my let me loose and set me free series. This series has been ongoing for over 20 years. I never tire of it.

It has a that warm summer breeze feeling. That feeling when vacation is almost over but you don’t want it to end.

This painting would be an eye catching addition to any room in your home.


It is a 26 x 40-inch original watercolour painted on archival watercolour paper. With a 4-inch mat it would have a finished frame size of 34 x 48-inch.

A significant piece.

I ship it to you unframed.

Equus Series ...evolving

The movement toward the Equestrian Art series has been begun.

This will be an on-going series for all to enjoy the grace, shape and depth that is truly representational of this magnificient creature.

Please keep checking in - I feel this series will grow very soon!

Take An Art Class | Inscrivez-vous à une classe d’art

Join me and I will teach you how to paint with watercolours, step by step.

Venez travailler avec moi et je vous apprendrai, pas à pas, comment peindre à l’aquarelle.

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